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25 Sep 2018

The Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities (CRCWSC) was invited to develop a water sensitive city vision and transition strategy for Bendigo as part of its Integrated Research Project 1: Visions and Transition Strategies. The project aims to develop tools and processes for bringing...


22 Jul 2018

This Vision and Transition Strategy defines a vision of a water sensitive future for Bendigo, Victoria, and outlines the broad steps Bendigo should take to enable a transition towards this future. It is the outcome of nine months of research, analysis and engagement with 31...


19 Oct 2005

JaneMaree Maher and Jo Lindsay criticise descriptions of working mothers that focus on conflict, guilt and career disruption. They argue that women are developing new models of mothering and employment focusing on transferable skills and the integration of necessary labour.


16 Mar 2005

In this paper from the Transitions and Risk: New Directions in Social Policy conference, JaneMaree Maher and Jo Lindsay argue that employed mothers may be best characterised as working in 'permanent' transitional labour markets. They suggest that women may be constructing new and flexible models...

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