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1 Oct 2013

This report describes an exploratory study on various aspects and risks to stability in foster and kinship placements.

The report finds that compared to foster care, risks to placement stability are more evident for kinship care. Kinship carers (predominantly grandparents) are older and few...


5 Jan 2011

This report explores the supports and services available to formal and informal out-of-home carers (foster, grandparent and kinship carers).

In conjunction with existing qualitative evidence from carers, it analyses current gaps in support to build an understanding of carers’ needs and priorities and the...


7 Jan 2010

The aim of this study is to provide a framework to guide the implementation of statutory kinship services by the Benevolent Society.

The countries included in the study are Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Norway, United Kingdom and United States of America.

In the...

Discussion paper

30 Mar 2005

Using census data Peter Siminski, Jenny Chalmers and Marilyn McHugh find that foster carers are most likely to be women aged 35-54 years who are not in the labour force. Of the various family types (adjusted for age), couples with birth children are least likely...


30 Nov 2004

This study develops a demographic profile of current carers in NSW and predict the likely availability of foster carers in specific locations based on that profile and projected demographic developments.

The study's main goal in this area is to identify the changes and forward...

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