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29 May 2017

This report provides details of the research undertaken in 2015-16 to develop and test the Australian Community Care Outcome Measurement tool (ACCOM), a set of measures of community care suitable for use in the Australian context.


18 Apr 2015

Chapter 3 of the book, Markets, rights and power in Australian social policy , edited by Gabrielle Meagher and Susan Goodwin, and published by Sydney University Press.

Australian governments have shifted the focus of public policy onto the private sector in recent decades....


25 Mar 2009

As Australia enters recession and the Budget enters deficit, one of the least effective and most unfair forms of government spending has increased dramatically. Tax expenditures (in the form of tax breaks on superannuation, the private health insurance and childcare rebates, housing concessions etc) are...


1 Apr 2008

A new Labor government, fresh from winning an historic election on the basis of defending collective bargaining, identifies the core concerns of working families – job security, petrol prices, grocery prices, and housing affordability. Then it announces a new welfare payment where those earning over...


5 Sep 2007

The expansion of the Australian welfare state over recent decades has surprised many, especially those commentators who diagnosed its imminent crisis in the 1980s. In 1960, five per cent of Australians of working age lived on income support—now more than sixteen per cent do. Have...

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