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3 Jul 2019

There is growing consensus that it is time to end 'austerity’ in the UK. But with the country facing significant economic, social and political challenges, this cannot mean tinkering at the edges. Instead, policy makers must use this juncture as an opportunity to re-evaluate the...


The value of tackling skills underutilisation
18 Jun 2019

This paper reviews the evidence on the integration of migrants into the UK labour market. It illustrates the potential benefits of utilising migrants’ untapped skills to the UK economy.


4 Jun 2019

Too many people in the UK are suffering from preventable ill-health, with progress on prevention stalling in recent years. This paper argues that four key shifts are needed to make up a paradigm shift in prevention and public health policy that helps move the United...


The case for free personal care in England
23 May 2019

Adult social care is one the most important public services in the UK. For hundreds of thousands of people it provides vital care and support. This paper looks to set out what a bold and comprehensive reform package would look like – building on the...


3 May 2017

This study has found that borrowing into older age is likely to move from niche to mainstream within the next decade. The report reveals that current economic trends such as house price inflation, tighter credit conditions and low real wage growth mean we can expect...

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