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Version 2 updated 14 March 2019
14 Mar 2019

Drawing on biographical narrative interviews with 22 young people, this snapshot presents preliminary findings on young people’s experiences of accessing services after leaving out-of-home care in Australia.


1 Jan 2006

This report is the third in a series undertaken by the UNSW Evaluation Consortium for the Cabinet Office as part of the evaluation of Families First. It presents the findings of the Area Review in Illawarra as a regional locality in moderate need in the...


26 Apr 2005

This report, prepared for the New South Wales Cabinet Office, presents empirical evidence of the use of coordinated and integrated approaches to human service delivery in Australia, particularly in New South Wales, and overseas. Michael Fine, Kuru Pancharatnam and Cathy Thomson focus on the evidence...


1 Feb 2000

Research suggests that access to children's services may be an important factor in preventing young children at risk of harm from moving further into the welfare system. However, there is little empirical evidence available to indicate whether the use of such services prevents children at...

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