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17 Feb 2012

The rising prevalence of nonstandard work among parents in the era of the 24-hour/7-day economy in developed countries has raised a concern about its possible impacts on children’s health and development. This paper provides a comprehensive and critical review of literature on this topic. To...


14 Oct 2010

Using data on self-assessed quality of life available from the expanded Indigenous sample of the 2001 National Health Survey this paper compares the subjective wellbeing of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

Assuming cross-cultural comparability of responses to the quality of life scale, Indigenous Australians are...


12 Mar 2009

A recurring theme in the debate surrounding Indigenous affairs in Australia is a tension between maintenance of Indigenous culture and the achievement of ‘equity’ in socioeconomic outcomes: essentially ‘self-determination’ versus ‘assimilation’. Implicit in this tension is the view that attachment to traditional culture and lifestyles...


12 Mar 2009

Estimates of the cost of raising children in Australia are typically based on the additional expenditure incurred by parents compared to non-parents, and generate estimates in the vicinity of $10,000 per year per child, and much more depending upon assumptions regarding child-care costs. This paper...


27 Oct 2005

The evidence that private practitioners have disengaged from legal aid work clearly demonstrates that labour markets for legal aid in Australia have changed since 1990. Don Fleming and Ann Daly look at the factors contributing to this shift.

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