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Discussion paper

30 Nov 2011

Measuring poverty in the Pacific is important to keep poor people on the policy agenda, to design effective policies and programs and to carry out rigorous evaluation so that we know what works and why. There are various definitions of poverty, ranging from a narrow...

Discussion paper

30 Nov 2011

The current framework for improving aid effectiveness, the 'Paris' agenda of harmonisation and alignment, has been found lacking. Alternatives are needed. This paper highlights some examples of recent innovations in the management and delivery of development aid. Drawing upon Barder (2009) and Howes (2011), the...

Briefing paper

30 Oct 2010

This brief considers recent patterns and trends in Australian aid. How much aid does Australia give? Where is it spent? What is it spent on? How does Australia compare to other donors?


1 Apr 2008

Pacific Economic Survey 2008 is the first of a series of annual surveys that will provide an overview and update of economic developments in the Pacific island region and Timor-Leste. Each survey will also include separate chapters on particular issues of importance to the region....

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