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18 Jan 2016

This paper reviews the history of multiculturalism in Australia and NSW, and sets out the debate on the subject.


This paper has been prepared against the background of recent disturbing events around the world, including in Australia and NSW that have...

Briefing paper

27 Oct 2015

In June 2014 Premier Mike Baird and then Planning Minister Prue Goward announced plans to establish a Greater Sydney Commission, described as a single agency to “streamline the way the NSW Government’s infrastructure and urban planning priorities are delivered”.

The proposal fits into a...

Briefing paper

23 Jun 2015

In the lead up to the 2015 State election it was reported in The Land that the Coalition Government and NSW Farmers had entered into “an unprecedented” memorandum of understanding. Among the “key commitments” entered into were the reform of biodiversity laws and consideration of...


27 May 2015

Overview: This e-brief offers an overview of the legal position in respect to e-cigarettes, along with a summary of research findings and viewpoints in the contemporary debate. It starts with a descriptive comment on e-cigarettes, making the point that e-cigarettes come in many forms,...


22 Apr 2015

Overview: The main purpose of this Briefing Book is to provide Members of Parliament, new Members in particular, with a brief but authoritative account of key issues in NSW politics, providing relevant context and legislative history.

State issues are ones that affect people...

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