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Working paper

30 Sep 2011

This paper draws on innovative theorising in the deliberative democracy tradition to map possibilities for global democratic governance of climate technologies.

Working paper

30 Jun 2011

Based on a detailed empirical analysis of discursive engagement in several structured and decentred settings, this paper assesses the challenges for improving the democratic quality of global climate governance.

Working paper

30 Jun 2011

In recent years, the post-neoliberal bloc of Latin America countries, ALBA, has fashioned a role for itself in international climate change negotiations as representing the voice of ‘the peoples’. This working paper draws on innovative theorising of representation to critically examine this claim.


16 Oct 2007

In this paper for the 2007 Australasian Political Science Association conference Hayley Stevenson describes how Australia’s foreign policy-makers have re-framed the issue of climate change to evade the immense challenge posed by the original norms of climate governance to Australia’s foreign policy traditions. The diversion...

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