SA Health

Draft report

South Australian health and wellbeing strategy 2019-2024: summary framework for consultation

The Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2019–2024 will use a combination of population health need, demand and supply assessment analysis, as well as a variety of consultation approaches to determine the focus for the next five years. This document provides the rationale to the approach, and...

Model of care for Aboriginal prisoner health and wellbeing for South Australia

The objective of the SA Prison Health Service (SAPHS) was to design a model of care that attends to the broad needs of the Aboriginal adult prisoner population (male and female) within the nine adult prisons across South Australia.

Suicide and its prevention for ageing farmers: final report

News of farmer suicides has reached media forums and reports, there has been a Senate enquiry into suicide and there have been studies and intervention programs focusing on rural suicide. Yet the number of farmer suicides is not reducing.