Meeting of Cultural Ministers Statistics Working Group


Cultural funding by government 2017-18

Each financial year all levels of government report on investment in the arts and heritage in Australia. The 2017-18 survey shows total expenditure has increased by 13% since 2016-17.

Measuring the economic value of cultural and creative industries

Cultural and creative industries are increasingly acknowledged as important components and drivers of growth in the modern, knowledge-based economy. However, these industries are also complex to define and the economic value remains difficult to measure—more difficult than many other industries which are more neatly characterised.

Crafting regional growth: A guide to evaluating cultural tourism in your region

This guide is presented in a workshop format and steps users and participants through techniques for gathering information to assess the economic value, tourism impact and benefit of cultural tourism in a destination.

Cultural funding in Australia: three tiers of government 2005-2006

This is the twelfth in a series of cultural funding reports produced for the Cultural Ministers Council Statistics Working Group. The publication presents information about cultural funding by each level of government which has been classified into two major groups: Heritage; and the Arts.

The social and demographic characteristics of cultural attendees

People choose to spend their leisure time in various ways. Some people's choices include visiting cultural venues, attending cultural events and participating in cultural activities. For example, people may choose to attend cinemas or the theatre, listen to music, read books, or visit a museum...