Menzies Research Centre

Briefing paper

Shattered opportunity: how scrapping negative gearing will smash the middle class

This paper argues that the ALP's policy on negative gearing will be a disaster for both Australia’s existing middle class and the young Australians who aspire to join its ranks. Despite it being sold as a solution, in reality it will reduce the wealth of...

A hidden carbon tax: how bad policy drives up the cost of electricity

Labor's promise to reduce carbon emissions beyond Australia's commitments under the Paris Agreement will impose enormous costs on households and small-to-medium businesses, argues this research paper.
Policy report

Fat chance: why sugar taxes won't work

Does a case exist for a sugar tax? That is the question this report seeks to answer by reviewing the evidence of previous studies. It asks if a sugar tax, in reality a soda tax, will accomplish what it sets out to achieve - making...

The Shepherd Review: Power off power on - rebooting the national energy market

This report identifies the obstacles in the path of national progress and recommends policy solutions that will drive prosperity.