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Spouses and partners of Vietnam veterans – findings from the Vietnam Veterans Family Study

This report confirms the long-term impact of Vietnam War service on family members. The study confirms that veteran partners should continue to be considered in the design of early intervention supports to help reduce the long-term impact of military service on families.
Briefing paper

Department of Veterans' Affairs initial background paper to the Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide

This background paper was prepared by the Department of Veterans' Affairs, and has been published by the Royal Commission for the purpose of informing the public.

Veteran mental health and wellbeing strategy and national action plan 2020-2023

While mental health services have been evolving, veterans have also been changing. The duration and nature of recent and current military conflicts has materially changed the mental health profile of modern veterans. Veterans, current serving members, service providers and ex-service organisation (ESOs) all collaborated on...

Family wellbeing study

The Family Wellbeing Study focuses on how families are faring at two of the major stages of a military career: during service, and in the first years after the transition to civilian life. An additional focus is how differing types of family members are faring.
Discussion paper

Veterans’ advocacy and support services scoping study: discussion paper

Darren Chester, Federal Veterans’ Affairs Minister, announced this scoping study to improve advocacy and support services for veterans and their families. The Terms of Reference are set out at Attachment A to this discussion paper.