Australian Bureau of Rural Sciences


Sugar link: towards a sustainable sugar supply chain

The Sugar Link project was established in 2004 to help develop a shared vision for a sustainable sugar supply chain. The project focused specifically on the New South Wales sugar industry (including key supply chain partners) and their vision/strategies for moving towards a sustainable sugar...

Science for decision makers: rural lifestyle landholders: implications for rural policy makers, natural resource managers and communicators

Rural policy makers, natural resource managers and communicators need to be aware of the nature of rural landholders, including the many rural lifestyle landholders in the more densely settled and better serviced parts of rural Australia. These kinds of rural landholders are variously referred to...

Providing social and economic data to support regional natural resource management in the Burnett Mary

This report presents a summary of key findings from a mailed survey to 1,000 landholders in the Burnett Mary region in 2004. The final response rate for this survey was 60%. The survey gathered baseline information regarding the key social and economic factors affecting landholder...

Providing social data to underpin catchment planning in the Queensland Murray Darling region

his report presents findings from a survey to 1,000 landholders in the Queensland Murray Darling in 2003. This research has highlighted a number of important challenges and strategies for efforts to improve the management of natural resources on private property in the Queensland Murray-Darling region...

Murrumbidgee socio-economic profile: a study conducted for the Pratt Water Murrumbidgee Valley Water Efficiency Feasibility Project

The aim of the feasibility study is to provide a 'business case' for alternative investment options to achieve increased water efficiency and productivity in the Murrumbidgee Valley providing for restoration of environmental flows, enhanced water security and expansion of irrigation leading to broader environmental, economic...