Regional Development Australia Mid North Coast


Youth Retention: Value of post secondary education in regional settings

The focus of this report is on the benefits of youth retention and attraction to the region by the presence of a growing tertiary and research sector. Growth in the young demographic of the Mid North Coast is needed, not just because it is a...

Health Sector Economic Indicators Report

This report has been undertaken in response to a request from the Mid North Coast Local Health District. The Health Care and Social Assistance sector is now the largest employing sector in Australia and in the Mid North Coast region. The sector also makes significant...

RDA Mid North Coast NSW Regional Plan 2013-2016

The RDA Mid North Coast Regional Plan 2013-3016 incorporates the regional priorities of a very diverse list of stakeholders. It reflects the region's long term 20 year vision that: The people of the Mid North Coast will live and work in a place of innovation...

Making Connections, Filling the Gaps - Towards a Digital Region

The aim of the strategy is to exploit three key linked opportunities in the region: the advent of high speed broadband the fast-growing shift to online public services and engagement with citizens, at local government, federal and state level the emergence of a digital economy...