Impact and engagement; incremental steps for creative academics

This short article provides definitions and offers practical solutions for creative arts research to be counted alongside more traditional university disciplines in the Australian Research Council's Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) research evaluation framework.

Valuing the societal contribution of screen production

Australian Screen Production Education and Research Association is working towards better recognition of the myriad practices occurring in teaching and research by screen production academics nationally and aims to work more closely with policy makers to better support screen production inputs and outputs in the...

Using technology to create ‘a better visit’ for people living with dementia

While much media reporting portrays technology as a cause of social withdrawal, a research project by Dementia Australia, Lifeview Residential Care and Swinburne University’s Future Self and Design Living Lab is enhancing communication between people with dementia and their visitors using an iPad. The project...

Creative arts in the impact, engagement and innovative agenda: lessons to be learned from elsewhere

Noting the number of countries now involved in research assessment, Paul Gough observes that a growing issue for the arts is how to position themselves on the ‘front foot’ in critical issues such as value for money and relevance to public benefit.