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From careers to atmospheres

The third issue of CAMEO Cuts examines the changing social relations of time and self-management at work.
Discussion paper

Artists' Union England - a new trade union

The story of the emergence of a new trade union for artists – Artists’ Union England – is the subject of this edition of CAMEo Cuts. As a founder member of the Union, artist Angela Kennedy offers an insight into the thinking and organisation that...
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Independent games and the remaking of the 'fringe'

This issue of CAMEo Cuts offers a new take on the enduring idea of the cultural ‘fringe’.

Workforce diversity in the UK screen sector: evidence review

The screen sector is vitally important to the economic, social and cultural life of the UK. According to research which covers the UK’s film, television, animation and video games industries, the sector generated over £6bn for the economy (2013), including £1.5bn in overseas investment (Olsberg...

Submission to Ofcom's thematic review of representation and portrayal on the BBC

This submission suggests considerations for Ofcom’s review of the BBC’s representation and portrayal of the diverse communities of the UK. Purpose 4 of the Public Purposes in the BBC Charter suggests that the BBC’s output must, ‘reflect, represent and serve the diverse communities of the...