Digital Health


Alexa will see you now: NHS partners with Amazon

A new partnership between the NHS and Amazon Alexa aims to bring verified health information to people’s homes.

Amazon Alexa partnership puts patient data ‘at risk’

This article discusses concerns around the new partnership between the NHS and Amazon Alexa. Some within the NHS are worried that the partnership lacks a “concerning” amount of information around data protection, patient confidentiality and safety.

New data-led NHS safety strategy lets patients log concerns

A fresh drive to improve patient safety across the NHS will see patients able to log concerns about their care via a new digital service accessible through their smartphone.

YouGov survey reveals willingness for patient data to be shared

Research undertaken in the UK by Yougov has revealed that 71% of people are happy to share their data so long as their anonymity is maintained, it is combined with that of other people, and it is of benefit to those in their community.

Poor communication between central and local NHS ‘hindering digitisation’

In a report released last week, the independent health think tank Nuffield Trust stated that while current policy approach was useful in achieving wide spread digitization, national bodies often set “unrealistic timeframes” without understanding the supplier market or local NHS organisations.