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SANE Australia


Mental health discrimination in insurance

The PIAC’s Mental Health and Insurance Project has been tackling systemic problems in the way insurers design, price and offer policies and assess claims to the detriment of people with past or current mental health conditions. This report outlines the progress that has been made...

Understanding how best to respond to the needs of Australians living with personality disorder

The purpose of this report is to review current evidence-based practice, service availability and experiences of treatment for Australians with lived experience of personality disorder, regardless of their circumstances. An overarching aim of this body of work is to improve management of and access to...
Position paper

Mental illness and suicide prevention: position statement

This position statement challenges Australia’s view of the role of mental illness when it comes to suicide prevention.

Lessons for life: the experiences of people who attempt suicide

Suicide is a serious worldwide health concern and is the fifteenth highest cause of death across all countries (WHO, 2014). The Australian Bureau of Statistics has recently reported the highest suicide rate in the past decade, with 2,535 Australian lives lost to suicide in 2012...

Growing older, staying well: mental health care for older Australians

This study finds that more support, services and education are needed to appropriately care for Australia's ageing population.