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Australia and the future of the Kyoto Protocol

Current Kyoto targets lapse at the end of 2012. All countries except Canada are expected to meet these international commitments. Australia ratified the Protocol four years ago, ending the years of recalcitrance that cost the country diplomatically and in lost investment opportunities. Australia was also...

A climate of suffering: The real costs of living with inaction on climate change

Extreme weather events brought about by climate change can have severe effects on the mental health of victims. Climate change is here, now. While it is often difficult to draw a clear line between a particular weather event and long-term climate change, there is a...

Myth Busters

A series of fact-sheets that collectively aim to explain the truths behind the climate change debate and correct any misunderstandings.

Climate of the nation: national report 2017

There has been strong interest in delving into the quantitative data behind the Climate of the Nation report, so the Australia Institute has released this material for anyone interested to use.
Fact sheet

Why International Energy Agency projections should not be misinterpreted as forecasts

The International Energy Agency’s annual energy projections, the World Energy Outlook (WEO), are a leading source for medium to long-term energy market modelling, which are widely used as an authoritative source by politicians, industry and the media. However, the scenarios within these projections are regularly...