Senate Finance and Public Administration References Committee

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Compliance by former Ministers of State with the requirements of the Prime Minister's Statement of Ministerial Standards

This report recommends that, in light of the new information uncovered by the inquiry and media reporting, the Prime Minister should request the incoming Secretary of his Department to re-open the investigation of Christopher Pyne and Julie Bishop, to determine if they have breached the...

Digital delivery of government services

Digital transformation represents one of the best opportunities to deliver more to those who pay for government, those who work for government, and those who government works for.

Arrangements for the postal survey

The committee wishes to stress that the focus of this inquiry, as per the terms of reference, is not the legalisation of same-sex marriage, but rather to scrutinise the process that the government chose to undertake in order to reach the point where the national...

Delivery of National Outcome 4 of the national plan to reduce violence against women and their children

This report recommends that the federal government consider whether having a principal contractor (rather than the specialist services themselves) providing first responder services represents value for money and best-practice.

Appropriateness and effectiveness of the objectives, design, implementation and evaluation of the Community Development Program (CDP)

This report recommends that the Australian government immediately replace the current CDP compliance and penalty regime with obligations that are no more onerous than those of other income support recipients.