Australian Clearinghouse for Youth Studies

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Youth development programs in central Australian aboriginal communities: A review of the literature

In Central Australia, youth programs have addressed volatile substance misuse and, more recently, issues associated with crime rates, health and emotional wellbeing, cultural renewal, educational outcomes and 'socialising'. This paper outlines the current context of Aboriginal youth development programs in the Central Australian region and...
Briefing paper

Face the facts: growing youth employment

Growing youth employment: why is entrepreneurship an attractive strategy? Today, the job market in Australia is relatively buoyant – but not for young people. Australia is facing some of the highest youth unemployment and underemployment rates in recent times, particularly in regional centres. Structural changes...
Briefing paper

Face the facts: young Australians and sexual health

A national survey of Australian high school students, conducted in 2013, identified that approximately one-quarter of Year 10, a third of Year 11 and half of Year 12 student have had sexual intercourse. While the age at which young people are likely to first engage...
Briefing paper

Youth disability in Australia

This briefing highlights the key statistics, policy problems and development opportunities relevant to youth and disability today. This is a particularly topical issue given current efforts to establish a national organisation to represent young people with disability, and the Australian Government’s recent decision to implement...

Youth and the future: Effective youth services for the year 2015

This report provides an understanding of the services required by young people in the year 2015, based on a thorough analysis of recent trends and expert projections of those trends. The report analyses key social and economic changes for young people in Australia over the...