Australian Workplace Innovation and Social Research Centre


Australia’s parental leave policy and gender equality - an international comparison

This study examines Australia's new paid and unpaid parental leave provisions and compares them to recent developments in a number of European countries. Increasingly, gender equity goals have been incorporated in the formulation of the policy approaches within a number of these countries. In recent...

The energy to engage: wind farm development and community engagement in Australia

This report reviews what is known about community engagement in wind energy industry and identify what we still need to understand. After briefly presenting the relationship between wind farms and society as a significant one, we will recapitulate what strains that relationship and how community...

Alternative to private finance of the welfare state: a global analysis of Social Impact Bond, Pay-for-Success and Development Impact Bond projects

Overview Social impact bond projects are the latest new ‘buy-now, pay later’, off-balance sheet schemes to increase private finance of public services and the welfare state, driven by austerity policies and neoliberal ideology. They are a complex venture capitalist model applied to the provision of...

Impacts of the 2014-15 Federal Budget measures on South Australia

Identifying a range of socio-economic impacts at the state, institutional, household and individual level, this publication presents an overview of the South Australian Government's response to the Federal Government's budget cuts. It describes the State Government's budget within the context of the Commonwealth's cuts by...

Building jobs: renewal SA's works program at Playford Alive

This report provides a detailed overview of Renewal SA’s Works Program implemented as part of Playford Alive, a large scale urban renewal project representing a partnership between Renewal SA, the City of Playford, the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI), Housing SA and the...