National Institute of Economic and Industry Research


Closing the motor vehicle industry - the impact on Australia

The Australian Workplace Innovation and Social Research Centre (WISeR) commissioned a study by the National Institute of Economic and Industry Research (NIEIR) to assess the impact of the closure of the motor vehicle industry in Australia following announcements by General Motors Holden (GMH), Ford and...

An assessment of the direct impact of the Australian-US Free Trade Agreement on Australian trade, economic activity and the costs of the loss of national sovereignty

This report, commissioned by Australian Manufacturing Workers Union, challenges government-commissioned studies which have shown significant economic benefits from the agreement. The risk is that the agreement will lead to a loss of national sovereignty, reinforced by the fact that it is a partnership of unequals...

The economic impact of gambling

Gambling gives pleasure to many but extracts a significant amount of pain from a few. This report provides evidence of the size and distribution of the benefits as well as identifies the costs and their distribution.