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Decarbonising the built environment: charting the transition

This book focuses on the challenge that Australia faces in transitioning to renewable energy and regenerating its cities via a transformation of its built environment. It identifies innovative and effective pathways for decarbonising the built environment from applied research undertaken by the Co-Operative Research Centre...

Grand designs: consumer markets and home-making

This is the first academic book to examine the long running hit series Grand Designs, which occupies a significant place in the popular imagination internationally.

Nuclear testing and racism in the Pacific islands

Between 1946 and 1996, nuclear powers used Oceania as a laboratory for nuclear testing. The deserts and islands of Australia and the Pacific were perceived as suitable for the testing of atomic bombs and thermonuclear weapons. More than 310 atmospheric and underground nuclear tests were...

Wellbeing and devolution: reframing the role of government in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

This publication analyses wellbeing policy developments, the challenges they seek to overcome and early indications of their impact in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.