Foundation for Young Australians


The new work reality

Following the journeys of 14,000 young people over a decade, this report reveals the factors that accelerate the transition to full-time work, including the skills, mindset and confidence young people need to navigate our changed world of work.

Developing skills for life and work: accelerating social and emotional learning across South Australia

Recent years have seen significant shifts in the world of work, with the focus moving away from industry, towards innovation and the ‘knowledge economy’. At the same time, the global economic slowdown has meant fewer labour market opportunities, particularly for young people. Consequently, young people...

The role of technology in engaging disengaged youth

This research analyses the ways in which young and disadvantaged Vocational and Education and Training students can be engaged through new information and communications technologies. The continued emergence of new information and communications technology (ICT) represents an important opportunity to engage or re-engage with disadvantaged...

Investigating gaps and opportunities: young people's access to IT in Australia

Bridging the digital divide is a key social challenge for the 21st century, state the authors. Young people who do not have access to the Internet and communication technologies will be left further behind, with fewer educational and employment opportunities. This will ultimately affect their...

The new work smarts: thriving in the new work order

This report reveals the most important skills young Australians will need to be work smart in the future.