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Buried treasure

This research estimates that more than $1 billion in profits was shifted out of Africa to tax havens by Australian mining companies in just one year (2015) – equating to up to almost $300 million in tax revenue that could have been used for vital...

All in the family: tax and financial practices of Australia's largest family owned aged care companies

As aged care is increasingly run by for-profit companies, questions have been raised about the financial practices, tax payments and the overall lack of transparency. This report analyses the tax practices and financial structures of Australia’s six largest private family owned aged care companies using...

Tax avoidance by for-profit aged care companies: profit shifting on public funds

The chronic staffing crisis in Australia’s aged care system has led to dangerous workloads for nurses and carers resulting, too often, in missed care for vulnerable nursing home residents. This report finds that the big, 'for-profit' providers, clearly have the financial capacity to improve staffing...