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Victoria Police counter terrorism strategy 2018-2021

This document fulfils a number of functions, including articulating Victoria Police’s current and future counter terrorism priorities and activities. Importantly, it also seeks to heighten awareness of, and make more transparent, Victoria Police’s counter terrorism activities and guiding principles.

Challenging misconceptions about sexual offending: creating an evidence‑based resource for police and legal practitioners

The purpose of this resource is to synthesise over forty years of research evidence to present an accurate and updated picture of sexual offending.

Victoria Police mental health review

The Victoria Police Mental Health Review is an independent review into the mental health and wellbeing of Victoria Police employees.

Victoria Police Blue Paper: a vision for Victoria Police in 2025

Foreword Victoria Police constantly strives to meet the needs and expectations of the Victorian community. As public demands for our services grow and change, Victoria Police must consider how it should adapt over the medium to long term. Although Victoria Police has a three year...
Report collection

Crime statistics 2012/2013

This document provides a summary of current crime trends in Victoria.