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Opportunities for Collaboration to Improve Building Energy Codes in APEC Economies

This discussion paper draws on published research on building codes activity globally and in APEC economies, and new interviews conducted with policymakers in eight participating APEC economies to provide a summary of best practices in building energy codes, a landscape analysis of building energy codes...

Global Buildings Performance Network (GBPN)

The Global Buildings Performance Network website has links to databases, tools and best practice.
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Building energy codes portal

This web portal supports efficient international knowledge exchange on building energy code implementation by providing information, experience, and resources from around the world. It aims to improve the energy efficiency of buildings globally. It provides an overview of the implementation of building energy code systems...
Data portal

Compare renovation policy packages

This interactive “Policy Tool for Renovation” facilitates the comparison and analysis of twelve renovation policy packages for residential buildings from Europe and the United States. Fourteen specially developed criteria have been developed, with the support of a panel of international experts, to enable this analysis...