Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism (Australia)


Energy white paper 2012

This white paper discusses the future of Australia’s energy sector, which underpins our modern economy and high national standard of living and has entered a period of unprecedented transformation and expansion. These changes are part of the broader restructuring of the Australian economy as we...

Great Ocean Road world class tourism investment study

The purpose of this study is to identify world class tourism infrastructure and tourism development projects which will both enable further private sector investment in the tourism industry and attract a greater proportion of higher yielding and experience seeker segments to the Great Ocean Road...

Investigation into the spatial capability of Australia

This study was commissioned by Drew Clarke PSM, Secretary of the Commonwealth Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism, and sets out to investigate the Australian Government’s current spatial capability and suggest how that capability can be improved for the benefit of the Australian public sector...

International visitors in Australia: March 2013 quarterly results of the international visitor survey

Operating since the early 1970s, the International Visitor Survey (IVS) represents the most comprehensive source of information on international visitors to Australia. The report is jointly funded by the Australian, state and territory Governments under the guidance of the Australian Standing Committee on Tourism (ASCOT)...

Australian energy resource assessment

This report examines the nation's identified and potential energy resources ranging from fossil fuels and uranium to renewables. {C} The assessment reviews the factors likely to influence the use of Australia's energy resources to 2030, including the technologies being developed to extract energy more efficiently...