The McKell Institute


Under pressure: Australia’s mental health emergency

This report argues that addressing access to mental healthcare will require substantial, long-term changes to the provision of health services in Australia.

Flexible but fair: the case for extending Portable Leave Entitlements to the NDIS workforce

This report examines the NDIS, and why a novel Portable Entitlements Scheme is a necessary policy intervention.

A decade of wages lost

This report sheds light on the scale and impact of the Australia's nominal wage increases and their recent decline.

Working, learning: better supporting Victorian apprentices on the job

This report argues that the Victorian government must ensure that its entire system of apprenticeship support – from training to incentives to workplace settings – is encouraging more Victorians to begin an apprenticeship, and more importantly, to continue to see out their training until completion.

The cost of extreme weather

Climate change is driving worsening destructive extreme weather events in a range of different ways around Australia - from more severe bushfire seasons and intense heatwaves to more powerful cyclones, flash flooding and droughts. This report argues that whether insurance is paying for it, or...