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Legislative Council Economy and Infrastructure Committee (Vic)


Report of the Inquiry into the increase in Victoria’s road toll

Victoria has been a leader in road safety for many decades. It consistently performs better than other states and territories. This report examines the state government's approach towards improving road safety in Victoria.

Inquiry into the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Act 2017 reforms

The arrival of rideshare services has been the biggest change to the commercial passenger vehicle industry across the world in recent years. This report considers the impacts the reforms introduced by the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Act 2017 have had on the industry, including public...

Inquiry into electric vehicles

The Victorian Parliament directed the Economy and Infrastructure Committee to conduct an inquiry into electric vehicles in February 2017. This report is a result of that inquiry.

Inquiry into VicForests operations

This report looks at the important and complex areas of supply of timber to industry and compliance with regulatory standards in Victoria.

Inquiry into the RSPCA Victoria

This report primarily looks at two issues: the use of its powers by the RSPCA Victoria; and its expenditure of government funding.