The future of death and ageing

This report summarises a people-centred exploration of issues and discussions around death and dying. Over 13 months, this unexplored and neglected area of discovery has been Portable’s frontier of R&D work. We’ve spoken about death and ageing with more than 200 people through dinners, surveys...

The new infrastructure: using design thinking to build better communities

In order to enhance the end users' experience of public infrastructure projects, this report argues that more than ever, urban planners, engineers, architects and policymakers need to see the world through end users’ eyes.
Policy report

Design for justice: How design and technology can help to deliver justice better

This policy report is a statement on how tech and design can maximise opportunities for making the legal sector better. It provides a guide for individuals working in legal industries, or those hoping to get into them, to improve the way justice works.

Redesigning work

The role that work plays in our lives is a topic that has come up for us repeatedly. It intersects our lives at every level, and raises questions around technology, education and welfare. So, in 2016, we commenced a research project into how work can...

Hacking the bureaucracy

Making change within government is not easy. Our research interviewed over 150 people working across all tiers of government across Australia. As result, Hacking the Bureaucracy provides an overview to what innovation is taking place inside government and the steps and best practices that motivated...