Access Economics


Impacts of a national high-speed broadband network

This report explores and quantifies the economic importance of expanding the coverage of high-speed broadband (HSBB) to the Australian economy under a range of different scenarios.
Discussion paper

The impact of the global financial crisis on social services in Australia

This paper analyses the impact of the global financial crisis on Australia’s social services sector and discusses the implications of this for future policy responses.

The high price of pain: the economic impact of persistent pain in Australia

This report was commissioned by the MBF Foundation in collaboration with the University of Sydney Pain Management Research Institute to estimate the economic impact of chronic (or persistent) pain in Australia in 2007.

The economic impact of allergic disease in Australia: not to be sneezed at

This report was prepared by Access Economics in conjunction with the Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA), funded by ASCIA in conjunction with an unrestricted educational grant from AstraZeneca.

Painful realities: the economic impact of Arthritis in Australia in 2007

Arthritis costs $24 billion each year in health care, lost time at work, shortened lives and years spent with disability. Prepared for Arthritis Australia, this report assesses the economic costs to Australia of one of the country's most prevalent diseases. There are more than 100...