Accessible Arts: Arts and Disability NSW


Removing the obstacles: Disability access and the arts (in heritage buildings)

Many arts organisations are located in heritage buildings, and many of these do not provide disability access. It is often presumed that if a building has heritage status, there is no capacity to provide or improve accessible design. Accessible Arts, with the support of partners...

Rural and regional engagement strategy 2010-12

Many people with disability live outside the major urban centres and may live in small towns, isolated communities or in remote locations. To support the development of inclusive practices and opportunities for all people with a disability living in NSW, Accessible Arts has developed a...

Speak up: arts and disability priorities for NSW

This report is the result of a three year consultation project with arts and disability stakeholders across NSW. It identifies key findings, issues and solutions to promote full inclusion, access and cultural opportunities in the arts for people with disability. This report ensures the work...

Clay: From wellbeing to art

This brief paper draws on the author's experience in working alongside emerging artists with a disability and as an advocate for access to the arts for people with a disability. The presentation bypasses any examination of art and wellbeing within the heath setting, a context...