Prices these days! The cost of living in Australia

Australian household income is outpacing the cost of living over the longer term, with disposable incomes increasing 20% over the last 27 years, while the average family is better off by $224 per week in real terms, according to the latest AMP.NATSEM Income and Wealth...

The great Australian dream - just a dream?

Australian house prices have moved from being affordable to severely unaffordable in the last 10 years and it will take at least another 10 years of flat house prices coupled with income growth for houses to regain an affordable status. This is the key finding...

Healthy, wealthy and wise?: The relationship between health, employment and earnings in Australia

Health is wealth, goes the adage. The message is clear: those who are healthy are likely to earn more. Is this old adage still applicable in Australia today? Are people with better health able to earn more than their peers with poorer health? How big...

Generation whY?

Introducing Gen Y

Trends in effective marginal tax rates

Therefore the overwhelming majority of working age Australians do not face high EMTRs.Governments face a delicate balancing act in setting means-tested taxation programs. They must balance offering financial help to the people who need it most against the need to ensure that this financial help...