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Conference paper

Preservice teachers: what do they know about cyberlaw?

This paper presents preliminary findings from an exploratory multi-method study into pre-service teachers’ perspectives regarding legal and ethical issues relevant to the use of ICT in schools. It identifies requirements for legal literacy that not only support legally compliant behaviour, but which can also support...
Conference paper

Pre-service teachers’ TPACK confidence in a regional Australian university

Abstract: The extent of transformation of education by integration of ICT appears not to match that in other sectors. More effective preparation of teachers is widely assumed to be part of any solution, leading to interest in what knowledge, skills and dispositions are required of...
Journal article

Tablet technology to facilitate improved interaction and communication with students studying mathematics at a distance

Teaching and learning of mathematics is challenging when lecturer and students are separated geographically. While student engagement and interaction with the course, with other students and with the lecturer is vital to mathematics learning, it is difficult to facilitate this electronically, because of the nature...