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Australian Centre for Industrial Relations Research and Teaching

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Construction industry apprenticeships in Australia and the United Kingdom: a tale of two systems

The preservation of the apprenticeship system in the Australian construction industry contrasts with its collapse in Britain over the last three decades. Given that the industry in both countries has undergone the same structural changes the different outcomes require explanation. Phillip Toner suggests that they...

Lockout law in Australia into the mainstream?

Lockouts have resurfaced in Australia since the introduction of enterprise bargaining. In this working paper analyse the growth in lockouts, employers use of them, and Australian lockout law. To bring Australia into the international mainstream Australia's 'liberal' lockout law needs reform.

Paradoxes of significance: Australian casualisation and labour productivity

Casual employment is often assumed to be a more 'efficient' way of engaging labour, and can deliver short run gains. But better deployment of labour undermines its longer term development. John Buchanan suggests how deployment and development can be improved simultaneously.
Working paper

Dairy: employment for the future

Dairy farms are getting bigger and employing more labour. But farmers find it hard to attract workers and turnover is high. This working paper prepared for the United Dairy Farmers of Victoria and WestVic Dairy sets out a strategy to attract and retain workers.
Working paper

Workplace agreements survey 2001: analysis of results

This report aims to provide insight into the industrial agreement-making process in Australian businesses. The analysis is based on data drawn from the ABL Workplace Agreements Survey 2001. The survey collected data on the expectations associated with agreement making, the operation of agreements, the level...