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Increasing productivity and profitability of Indonesian smallholder plantations: final report

By world standards, Indonesia has a very large installed pulp and paper processing capacity, and further plans for expansion. The value to Indonesia is more than US$4.2B per year. There is a rapid transition in the industry away from natural forest as the main feedstock...

Independent review of the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR)

Summary: The Minister for Foreign Affairs commissioned a Panel to conduct a Review of ACIAR. The Review was asked to address issues including: the appropriateness of ACIAR’s goals and strategies in helping people overcome poverty; ACIAR’s effectiveness in improving livelihoods through more productive and sustainable...
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Climate-smart agriculture: A food policy perspective

In the past few years there has been renewed emphasis on the challenge of achieving food security for all. Policy initiatives that build on the theme of flexibility in coping with market instability, first introduced in Food Policy Analysis (Timmer CP, Falcon W and Pearson...
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From Australia to the World: Growing our knowledge and the world's farmers

The vital importance of increased investment in agricultural research, development and extension to both Australia and the world is discussed by Matt Linnegar, chief executive officer of the National Farmers' Federation, Australia's peak body representing farmers and the agricultural sector.

The melon value chain in Gansu Province, western China: benefits to growers from improved diseasecontrol practices

Melons are widely grown in Gansu Province, western China, and besides supplying consumers within the province, melons are transported to interstate markets. The current supply chains have various constraints that prevent delivery of satisfactory and consistent product, and these include technical issues of pests and...