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Investigating gender differences in romantic relationships

There exists a plethora of research suggesting that men and women perceive and act differently in romantic relationships. However, this claim has been challenged in recent years with studies of couples reporting a lack of gender differences. In this paper, Karantzas and his colleagues build...

Grandmothers and grandfathers looking after grandchildren

This article presents a snapshot of findings from a research project about the experiences of Australian grandparents who regularly care for grandchildren. The authors wish to thank the grandparents who generously shared their stories for this research. The time grandparents share with grandchildren takes many...

Social inclusion in the family support sector

This briefing paper summarises some of the literature and research on social inclusion and considers the relevance of the concept and its application to family support services. Social inclusion frameworks, principles and resources are used to consider how family support services can incorporate the concept...

Enhancing access to family dispute resolution for families from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds

All services offered by the Family Support Program (FSP)—managed by the Australian Government Department of Families and Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA)—are required to be accessible, equitable and responsive. This includes engaging groups that may have barriers to access, such as families from...

Family violence: Towards a holistic approach to screening and risk assessment in family support services

Since the 1960s, violence between intimate partners, between family members and towards children has been increasingly recognised as a significant problem. Seminal work on male violence towards women within families was conducted in Britain (Pizzey, 1973), Australia (Scutt, 1983) and the United States (Walker, 1984)...