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An analysis of the 2008-09 health budget

The 2007-08 Budget, the first from the Rudd Labor Government, delivers on the Government's election commitments and adds some additional health spending. Total new spending on health is $2.917 billion / 5 years. In addition, $10 billion is promised for the new Health and Hospitals...

Warning: a rising temperature can be a sign of illness

Stephen Leeder considers the implications of global warming for health policy, and calls for the effects on global health to form part of debates on energy production. He predicts increases in respiratory disorders as a result of global warming and calls for investigation into its...

Medicare and assisted reproductive technologies

Jennifer L. Smith provides background to policy debates in Australia concerning the public funding of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) such as in vitro fertilisation through Medicare. She examines recent events which have brought the funding of ART to public attention, looks at the public funding...

Are we planning for failure? The crisis in the mental health workforce in Australia

There is a crisis in mental health in Australia. Its magnitude, and the level of community concern, is reflected in the 500-plus submissions made earlier this year to the federal government's Senate Select Committee on Mental Health. Writing in New Matilda, Jennifer Smith and Anne-Marie...

Health: policy or polyfilla?

Writing in, Stephen Leeder argues that there is no true political leadership concerning health care in Australia. Yet, he says, it would cost the Labor Party little to start thinking and talking about a way to retrieve Australian health care from its currently perilous...