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The value and character of political science: report on the member's survey, September 2014

In the lead-up to the 2014 APSA Conference, the APSA Executive agreed to a proposal by the president, Brian Head, to conduct a rapid survey of members’ opinions on the nature and future of political science. Background

Knocking at the door? The women's portfolio from Labor to Coalition

The lead item in the Coalition women's policy for the 2013 federal election was the return of the Office for Women to the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. Since 2004 it had been located 20 kilometres from the heart of government, relegated to a...

Party leaders, global warming and green voting in Australia

Major party leaders not only seem to influence public opinion on global warming, argues this conference paper, but also have an impact upon Green voting in federal elections. As the Australian environmental movement has routinised and become increasingly institutionalised, its representative aspect – the Australian...

The interplay of foreign multinational corporations and the state in environmental governance

This paper explores the mechanisms through which multinational corporations the environmental regulatory policies of states. Many countries in the majority world, because of international pressure or for domestic reasons, are in the process of establishing and strengthening their environmental regulatory framework. At the same time...
Conference paper

The Twitter revolution? Social media, representation and crisis in Iran and Libya

Using Western media coverage of the events surrounding the 2009 Green Movement protests in Iran and the 2011 anti-Gaddafi protests in Libya, and in particular reports that refer specifically to or actually use non-Western information communication technology (ICT) products (such as Twitter or weblog excerpts...