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Discussion paper

Supporting primary health care research - future directions

Primary health care (PHC) research requires dedicated policies and funding, specific research infrastructure and a workforce trained and skilled in this area. Currently PHC research is supported by the Primary Health Care Research, Evaluation and Development (PHCRED) strategy which was developed by the Commonwealth government...

Charting new roles for Australian general practice nurses

Practice nurses ease the strain on general practitioners, but not enough doctors and policy makers recognise their pivotal role, this report reveals. Policy recommendations from the report There are, in essence, two health policy problems for which nurses in general practice can provide a solution...
Literature review

A systematic review of primary health care delivery models in rural and remote Australia, 1993-2006

Since the mid 1990s in Australia, there has been a generally favourable policy environment with respect to rural health. However, there has been little policy attention to the systematic development of sustainable comprehensive primary health care (PHC) service models in rural and remote Australia. This...