Australian Water Association


State of the water sector report 2015

The Australian Water Association and Deloitte are pleased to present the State of the Water Sector Report 2015. The Report is the only one of its kind, reporting on the trends and insights of water sector professionals about their own industry. The survey results reveal...

Australian water consumer outlook 2015

Executive Summary Do we think and talk about water only when we are in drought? Do we complain about the price of water, but are happy to pay $3 a bottle for it at the shop? Do urban residents think differently about water to people...
Discussion paper

Promoting investment in the water sector

Australian governments are the primary investors, infrastructure owners and operators in the Australian water sector. Population growth, historic underinvestment in water infrastructure, water security, climate change and increasing environmental and public health regulation mean that considerable investment in the sector is needed in the future...

State of the water sector report 2014

Over 1000 water industry professionals have identified improving operational efficiency as the top issue for the sector, reflecting growing concern about the need to control costs for the benefit of consumers and demonstrate value for money within the sector. The Australian Water Association and Deloitte...