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Airflow and temperature modelling of sustainable buildings at the design stage can prevent unintended consequences of passive features

This paper demonstrates that the integration of passive features during the design/construction of sustainable buildings requires thorough modelling at the design stage as some features may have unintended consequences resulting in occupant dissatisfaction, and resulting in the building using more energy to maintain comfort.
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Comparison of mains versus standalone PV electricity to power a residential standalone solar absorption chiller in Australia

This study compares the cost of operating the auxiliary components of an optimised standalone hot water fired absorption chiller, using mains grid electricity and an optimised standalone photovoltaic system. The cheaper source was further compared with using mains electricity to operate a conventional reverse cycle...
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Impact of periodic flow reversal of heat transfer fluid on the melting and solidification processes in a latent heat shell and tube storage system

This study addresses the heat thermal energy storage (LHTES) unit, heat is stored via a phase change material (PCM) which can then be supplied at a later time to the heat transfer fluid (HTF) for applications such as concentrated solar power (CSP).
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Development and experimental validation of a CFD model for PCM in a vertical triplex tube heat exchanger

This paper presents a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model using ANSYS FLUENT 15.0 for phase change material (PCM) in a vertical triplex tube thermal energy storage system and its validation through experimental results.
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Finding faults and influencing consumption: the role of in-home energy feedback displays in managing high-tech homes

In the context of reducing household greenhouse gas emissions, in-home energy feedback displays have been trialled as a mechanism to assist households to monitor and change energyuse behaviour. As we move towards technologyrich zero-energy homes, the challenge of managing energy use and electricity generation systems...