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Exploring infant feeding practices : cross-sectional surveys of South Western Sydney, Singapore, and Ho Chi Minh City

Infant feeding practices are known to influence the child’s long-term health. Studies have associated obesity and other diseases with reduced breastfeeding and early introduction of high calorie beverages (HCBs).
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Building blocks for social accountability: a conceptual framework to guide medical schools

The conceptual framework for socially accountable medical education was built from analyzing the internal and external factors influencing the selected medical schools. These factors became the building blocks that might be necessary to assist movement to social accountability.

The relationship between atmospheric lead emissions and aggressive crime: an ecological study

This study tests the hypothesis that childhood lead exposure in select Australian populations is related to subsequent aggressive criminal behaviors.
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Adherence to management guidelines for growth faltering and anaemia in remote dwelling Australian Aboriginal infants and barriers to health service delivery

Remote dwelling Aboriginal infants from northern Australia have a high burden of disease and frequently use health services. Little is known about the quality of infant care provided by remote health services. This study describes the adherence to infant guidelines for anaemia and growth faltering...
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Hydration status of underground miners in a temperate Australian region

Dehydration is a health risk for miners in tropical regions of Australia. However, it is not known whether dehydration poses a health risk to miners working in temperate regions of Australia. A cross-sectional study was undertaken in south-eastern New South Wales. Hydration tests indicated that...