Bureau of Rural Sciences


Soil carbon for carbon sequestration and trading: a review of issues for agriculture and forestry

This review looks at factors that may influence organic soil carbon and issues facing its inclusion in a carbon trading scheme in the future.

Australia's forests at a glance 2009

Australia has 147.4 million hectares of native forest and 1.97 million hectares of forestry plantations. Together these cover about 19% of the continent. This report contains up-to-date facts and figures about our forests and their management and shows – at a glance – the key...

Water 2010: Assessing dependence on water for agriculture and social resilience to changes in water access

This report presents a summary of tasks completed as part of the Bureau of Rural Sciences Social Sciences Program contribution to the Water 2010 project. The Water 2010 project is an interdisciplinary cross-Bureau project aimed at addressing the information needed to further develop sound water...