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Working paper

Towards fairness and equality for young workers: youth wages and minimum shift lengths

This paper addresses the question of how effectively youth wages and reduced minimum shift lengths promote fairness and equality. It focuses on the majority of young workers employed on a casual or part-time basis in the retail, hospitality and fast food industries4 under the General...
Working paper

Making rights reality: the role of courts in assisting vulnerable hospitality workers to bridge the gap between rights possession and enforcement

This paper examines barriers that prevent the enforcement of hospitality workers' rights. Introduction It is beyond doubt that despite the existence of legislated minimum employment entitlements in Australia, many businesses employing vulnerable workers fail to provide these entitlements to their employees. Apart from undermining the...
Working paper

Experience essential, remuneration: none, the legal status of internships

‘We seek 3rd year Undergraduate Interns to come onboard and join our dynamic team... Best-fit candidates will be bright university students willing to contribute creatively and perform quality unpaid work to build up their experience base’. Over the past decade, an increasing number of these...
Working paper

Australian anti-discrimination law, work, care and family

From the mid 1970s Australian parliaments enacted legislation establishing statutory schemes to deal with grievances of discrimination in a range of contexts such as the commercial provision of goods and services, and accommodation. From the outset employment and work were a central concern of the...

Healthy working time: evaluating Australia and its available industrial instruments

With a focus on the banking industry, this essay looks at trends in longer working hours in Australia and the impact this has on human health and workplace safety. Almost a quarter of workers globally work more than 48-hours per week, including 1.2 million Australians...