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Applying a We Al-Li Educaring framework to address histories of violence with Aboriginal women

The nature of violence experienced by many Aboriginal women is multi-layered, complex and incorporates a history of intergenerational loss, grief, trauma and the impact of colonisation, as discussed by Atkinson, C (2008). It involves women, children, families, communities. It is a story about people, many...

Linking law: practical guidelines for delivering law to rural Victoria using e-learning technologies

Provides information, analysis and practical tips for organisations seeking to use digital technologies to enhance general and professional legal education for people living in remote, rural and regional (RRR) Victoria.

Landscapes of violence: women surviving family violence in regional and rural Victoria

In this research, family violence survivors have identified issues and barriers they have encountered, and have provided suggestions in regards to how both the criminal justice system and the broader Victorian community might assist survivors and help prevent family violence. Overview This project combines the...

Postcode justice - rural and regional disadvantage in the administration of the law in Victoria

Are regional communities disadvantaged in the administration of the law, compared with their metropolitan counterparts?