Centre of Full Employment and Equity


Creating a New Geography of Functional Economic Regions to Analyse Aspects of Labour Market Performance in Australia

A new geography of Functional Economic Regions (FERs) has been created across the large metropolitan city regions and across the non-metropolitan areas of the nation. The demarcation of FRRs, which are formed on spatial building blocks known as SLAs (Statistical Local Areas), uses a methodology...

Involuntary unemployment: getting to the heart of the problem

Bill Mitchell and Joan Muysken explore the evolution of economic theory from a construction of unemployment as a voluntary optimal state to the 1930s conception as a systemic failure (involuntary) to the resurgence in current times to a belief that all unemployment is voluntary. This...

Locked-in casual employment

This paper provides an up-to-date examination of the hypothesis that under certain circumstances casual workers can become trapped into a work history of repetitive casual jobs with little chance of escape. Australia experienced strong economic growth between 1992 and 2008 and the subsequent employment growth...

A 21st century solution to skill shortages in Australia

This paper argues for specific, major, institutional reforms capable of building a high-skilled internationally competitive labour force in Australia. It argues for replacing the current policy of maintaining labour underutilisation as a productivity driver, with a national system of counter-cyclical public sector employment (Job Guarantee)...